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The practicality of baby stroller is more important than other factors


There are more and more trolleys, and the price is more and more expensive. When I was going to buy a trolleys for my girlfriend's baby, I saw the price and wiped my sweat silently. I can't afford it. It's too expensive. So in such a complex market and a variety of trolleys, how to choose the right one? The importance of practicality needs to be highlighted.

Notices for Children's Wheelbarrow Purchase:

1. When purchasing a children's cart, check whether it is convenient to open the cart, and check the safety belt, lock and safety device. According to the national standard, the safety belt requirements for baby strollers are: the upper circumference is 180mm higher than the cushion, and the minimum width of shoulder belt, fork belt and straddle belt are 15mm, 20mm and 50mm respectively.

2. The locking and safety devices of children's carts are indispensable. The sunshade on the upper part of the cart is controlled by a set of "locking" device, which must be firm, and it is required to be installed in a place beyond the reach of the baby in terms of technical indicators, because once the baby touches the "locking" device, it is easy to hurt the hand.

3. Before using the cart, parents must read the operation manual repeatedly and in detail, especially the "precautions" and "maintenance" columns, hang up the safety devices one by one according to the instructions, and must operate on site and check carefully; when the cart is opened, the lock and safety mechanism must be opened before folding the cart; the wheels should be equipped with brake mechanism, such as the car, and the system of children's cart. The moving device can prevent the car from sliding when parking, and the flexibility and effectiveness of the field detection device should be considered when purchasing.

4. The depth between the seat pocket and the handrail of the children's trolley shall be more than 180mm. The seat pocket is too shallow. When the child turns over or twists in the car, the center of gravity will shift, which is easy to cause rollover accident; the width of the bandage in front of the seat pocket shall be more than 50mm, which is too narrow and easy to strangle the baby. Good baby strollers usually have double insurance. As long as the operation is correct, there will be no sudden folding accident.

Baby stroller should be used under the supervision of adults.

The baby is growing up every day. When buying a cart, we should also consider the age of the child's use. We can't buy it too small, it's not easy to use it, and it's not convenient to go out. After considering all the factors, we can choose a cart with the right price. Well, it's almost the same.


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