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How to maintain and repair baby stroller


How to maintain and repair baby stroller

1. The seat cloth and armrest cover are easy to be soiled by the baby, and may be stained with milk stains and food debris. On the one hand, the dirt looks uncomfortable, on the other hand, it is very easy to breed bacteria. Babies are used to touch these places with their hands, and then eat with their hands or extend their fingers into the mouth, which will affect their health. So the baby stroller, which can be disassembled, should be disassembled and cleaned regularly. When cleaning should choose soap liquid or neutral detergent, if possible, it can not be disinfected.

2. Metal framework and plastic parts (dinner plate) can be directly wiped with wet cloth.

3. Regularly check whether the screw is loose, the parts are damaged or the suture is broken. Replace damaged parts if necessary. During disassembly and assembly, operate in strict accordance with the instructions to avoid unnecessary damage.


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