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Baby car seat market has opportunities and needs more responsibilities


China toy and Infant Products Association and Cologne will launch an international professional trade platform China infant exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center, and specially open a baby safety seat Museum, with the number and scale of brands ranking first in domestic similar exhibitions. At that time, the industry heroes have also landed in the event, such as Britax and joie in the UK, diono in the US, Maxi Cosi in the Netherlands, Chicco and cam in Italy, combi, Aprica and Takata in Japan, kiddy in Germany, emmaljunga in Sweden, etc., while the domestic brands have gathered good children, little angels, Wheaton, baby, Baxter, bebeckasi, etc., which is intended to be in the child safety seat. The dealers who have made great achievements in the field of chairs provide a rare high-quality platform.

In particular, Cao Guangming, chairman of baijiast, the co organizer, said that the works of the competition were not inferior in terms of creativity and appearance. His exclamation is not groundless. The competition attracted more than 400 competitors, more than 3000 people, and 15 famous designers from famous European design companies. Liang Mei, executive vice president of China toy and Infant Products Association, said that the award-winning creative design will be displayed at the same time of China infant baby exhibition, which is bound to lead the future development trend. I believe that the responsible dealers will surely gain something when they come to Shanghai.

According to the authoritative statistics from the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security, by the end of last year, the number of private cars in China has exceeded 85 million, with an average annual growth of more than 14 million, and a huge market opportunity for seats is fermenting. Recently, a department store channel business in Nanjing is planning to transform, but how to test Chaoyang industry and how to choose seat brand has become his puzzle. Chairman Liang said that the seat industry is not only a simple product supply and sales, but also a popularization system and sense of responsibility for the concept of safe riding for children, which put forward higher requirements for manufacturers and brands. Therefore, agents must be forward-looking when selecting partners.

According to the U.S. Department of transportation, the correct use of child safety seats can reduce the fatal injury rate of infants by 71%. China's government is regulating the development of the seat industry. On July 1, 2012, the first "restraint system for child occupants of motor vehicles" was issued. Since then, the concept of child safety seat has been popularized frequently. On March 1 this year, the law of Shanghai Municipality on the protection of minors and the regulations of Shandong Province on highway traffic safety were successively introduced, which stipulated that "children under the age of 4 should be equipped with and correctly use child safety seats when taking private cars". Recently, the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau is also actively promoting legislation to restrict baby riding standards.

"Education of baby riding concept" and "laws and regulations" are both working together, and the terminal market is optimistic. At present, the utilization rate of baby safety seat products is increasing. According to the statistics of "famous domestic brands", the sales growth of baby safety seats in Shanghai is very significant in the past six months. The same expectation has also been confirmed by other seat suppliers, which has injected strong injection into brand agents in other regions, as well as retailers such as mother and child products stores, Internet channels, automobile 4S stores, etc.

At present, the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Singapore, South Korea and other countries have legislated to enforce the use of child safety seats. In China, the concept of baby safety seat is relatively weak. When driving, parents are used to holding children in their arms, sitting on their own legs or wearing adult safety belts. However, this may cause fatal injuries to children. At the scene of last year's Beijing Games, the "simulated car position" glided at an acceleration of 12 km / h, and suddenly braked. Almost no one could hold the simulation safely.

Observers of infant and child products industry said that the popularization of baby safety seats is a crucial battle. Now it is in the early stage of development. The promotion means and marketing mode are mainly focused on the planning of the brand side. The experience activities organized by the dealers are relatively few and relatively single. Prying the nerves of the car owners and children will start a prairie fire, and the seat dealers in all regions have great potential.


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