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When will the market of baby car seat break out


legislation and law enforcement. We take Shenzhen as an example. On January 1, 2015, when legislation was enacted, the tickets for public reports were issued on May 27, 2016, more than a year later because the child safety seat was not used. Of course, it may have something to do with persuasion at the beginning of legislation, but the actual law enforcement after legislation is also the key factor affecting the use, and strict law enforcement will play a role of propaganda and warning for the popularization of law.

Therefore, as far as the use of children's safety seats is concerned, our country is still based on persuasion for the time being, and there is no very mandatory requirement, especially in the rural market of some low-end cities, which is slow to develop. If only relying on market education, and people generally have fluke mentality, it is difficult to quickly popularize the use of children's safety seats, which also makes our country's children's safety seats. The utilization rate is less than 1%.

In foreign countries, take Germany as an example. After the law of compulsory use of child safety seat was introduced in 1993, the use rate of child safety seat jumped from 72% to 96%. At the same time, the use rate of child safety seat increased dramatically, and the death cases of children in automobile accidents decreased by 4.5 times, with extremely obvious effect. It can be seen that the mandatory use of children's car safety seats at the level of laws and regulations can effectively reduce the injuries and deaths of children in automobile accidents in real life. Therefore, the absence of child safety seats is a call for national legislation.

II. Parents' safety awareness is weak, and safety seats are regarded as fake needs

In many people's subconscious mind, an accident in urban traffic itself is a small probability event. When a major traffic accident occurs, the safety is ensured due to the use of safety seats, which is a small probability in a small probability. Some people even think that "this demand is ultimately equivalent to ordinary people buying bullet proof vests, which is not necessary at all". However, it is often overlooked that the safety seat is not to survive, but to prevent children from unnecessary injuries in small accidents.

In addition, many parents hold the idea of "holding the child = making the child a safety seat". In China, two people with a baby are basically standard, but in foreign countries, a large part of young parents are all one person with a baby. Only by putting the baby in the seat can they drive well, which is why the seat is just needed in foreign countries, but it is generally recognized as a fake demand in China.

It can be seen that in addition to the price and fluke psychology, the reason for obstructing the use of children's safety seats is actually the weak safety awareness of Chinese parents. Influenced by the overall education level, most of the families in our country have a weak sense of traffic safety, especially the understanding of children's riding safety is still in its infancy, and even there are fatal misunderstandings. According to the survey, many people think that the vehicle does not often go on the high speed, only in the urban area, the speed is slow, so they do not need to use the child safety seat. In addition, unnecessary, long idle time, inconvenient installation and removal, big and expensive children, dislike of children, parents' habit of holding children and taking up space have also become the main reasons why Chinese people do not like to use children's safety seats.

At present, parents' awareness is not enough, they need to be guided and educated continuously. Some parents think that as long as the children don't move, some are out of technical self-confidence, and there is a fluke mentality, of course, there is also a suspicion that children's safety seats are too expensive. In a word, there are a thousand advantages for any child seat, and I have reasons not to use it. Therefore, only relying on legislation can not completely solve the problem of using the safety seat for infants and children, the ultimate need is to improve the safety awareness of parents.


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