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The safety problem of baby car seat cannot be ignored


Children's seat, which can effectively improve children's riding safety by binding children in the safety seat. When the car becomes the substitute of most families, the safety of riding becomes more and more important.

Why baby car seat?

Because any traffic accident happens in an instant, many times even the driver himself may not be able to respond in time, let alone the passenger sitting in the copilot or the back row. At the critical moment, how can we protect children? And the impact force is very easy for children to fly away from adults and crash into the windshield or seat back. With the popularization of traffic safety knowledge, more and more parents understand the importance of children's safety seat, and begin to use children's safety seat.

How to choose a baby car seat?

When choosing baby car seat, first of all, pay attention to the fixed way. Generally, the seat with ISOFIX interface is the most suitable, but it depends on whether there is a corresponding interface in your vehicle model.

The material of the baby car seat is also very important. First of all, the baby car seat with irritating smell material cannot be selected. Second, the comfortable and breathable fabric shall be selected for fireproof treatment. Finally, the most important thing is the internal filler of the baby car seat. Good baby car seats will use high-quality EPS material to select the baby according to the difference of age, weight and height. Choose one of the most suitable safety seats for children, children's safety seats and booster seats.


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