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Classification of high chairs


Classification of high chair for children

At present, there are many kinds and forms of children's dining chairs on the market. According to the properties of material, function and design, they can be divided into the following categories:

First, according to the material classification, it is divided into wooden dining chair, plastic dining chair, metal dining chair and material mixed dining chair.

Second, it is classified by function, specifically by using function, including single type dining chair and multi-functional dining chair. Multi functional dining chair can also have functions such as swaddling chair, booster chair, rocking chair and dining chair.

Third, it can be divided into foldable dining chair, non foldable dining chair, adjustable dining chair and non adjustable dining chair according to the usage.

Fourth, according to the design classification, most of the design starting point is to raise the height of the seat and shorten the height gap between children and adults, so as to achieve the same table dining with parents and meet the psychological needs of children eager for equality. According to the design, it can be divided into five types: full open type, half open type, full enclosed type, table type and simple superposition type.


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