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Is the higher the baby stroller, the better?


Baby trolleys are actually relative to ordinary trolleys. All along, the height of the baby trolleys we use is relatively low, almost equal to the height of the exhaust pipe of the car. If we push the baby to walk on the road, it is equivalent to absorbing exhaust gas. So some businesses began to develop the baby trolleys with higher seats, which is often called high-view trolleys.

However, Baby trolleys also have its disadvantages: first of all, the price is too high. Generally, the material requirements of high landscape trolleys are higher, and the price is several times that of ordinary trolleys. For example, ordinary trolleys may only need 200-500 yuan, while high landscape trolleys are at least above 1000 yuan. Secondly, the high landscape trolleys are generally bulky and large, which is not convenient to use far away; thirdly, because the high landscape trolleys can make the baby sit high (generally more than one meter), if the baby falls out of the car easily, it may be hurt greatly.

In addition to reducing the harm of automobile exhaust, children's trolleys have two advantages: one is a better vision, which is the so-called "sitting high and looking far", the baby can see a wider world, and may be more interested in the surrounding environment; the other is to facilitate the communication between the baby and adults, the baby does not need to raise his head to call his family, the adults do not need to squat down to communicate with the baby, and the communication and interaction are better Then.


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