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1. Create elite nobles and achieve elegant temperament

Carebabe was founded in 2016, "care" stands for care, "babe" stands for baby. Since its birth, carebabe has been taking "Care for the healthy growth of babies along the way!" as the concept, cooperating with the Royal Institute of infant growth, adopting innovative scientific research results, relying on strong R & D and comprehensive technical capabilities, to provide scientific, relaxed, elegant and fashionable new experience for parenting life, so as to improve the quality of life of parenting families and let every parent All of them can experience the fun of baby rearing and show "sincere smile".

2. Multi category one-stop operation, bringing you a steady stream of business volume

At present, carebabe's product system covers 8 categories, including sleep products, travel products, bath products, preschool education toys, cleaning products, maternity products, breastfeeding, clothing, shoes and hats. Since the product is market-oriented, it has been widely praised and loved by all mothers, laying a solid foundation of public praise. The product covers the consumption capacity of the 1-4 line market and ensures that the franchisees in all regions have stable income.

3. New products every week, orders every week, one step British Fashion

Carebabe can place new orders every week. At the customer end, it can introduce new fashion styles ahead of its competitors and meet customers' needs as soon as possible. At the business end, franchisees can operate in a short and smooth manner without occupying funds, preparing a large amount of inventory, and the return of funds is very fast, so as to realize the healthy operation of stores.

4, "Internet +" mode, so that performance doubled.

Carebabe is gradually realizing the omni channel business model of "store + e-commerce + retail service provider". Franchisees can get the operation right of jiabeibei micro mall free of charge. They do not need to take care of the e-commerce platform, prepare goods, undertake logistics and after-sales services, only share the links to form sales, and then they can get rich profits. All the sales formed by the customers in the later period are also owned by franchisees. Shang. Jia Bei Bei's all channel management mode has enabled franchisees to seize the opportunity in the new era of "Internet +" new retailing.

Joining process

● intention consultation

● submit the plan and business plan of the intended store

● franchisee's visit to the company / company's personnel visit to the application city

● conduct comprehensive evaluation and investment budget analysis

● signing of agency / franchise agreement

● pay the franchise deposit

● franchisee to provide details of intended exclusive stores / counters

● the company issues shop decoration design drawings and project budget

● the franchisee orders and prepays the opening expenses for the shop decoration construction

● conduct staff recruitment, training, etc. in the early stage of store opening

●opening business

● the company provides various operation guidance from time to time

Return advantage

● leading the brand management mode of peers, enjoying huge market potential and development space;

● extensive market coverage and scale competitiveness, higher sales growth and profit return;

● obtain higher industry status, fame, economic and social benefits;

● sharing the unique communication platform of fashion, passion, success and friendship, and higher material and spiritual enjoyment;

● invite high-quality dealers for win-win cooperation to establish a long-term strategic partnership;

● the company will provide sales policies, channels and mechanisms with strong competitiveness to achieve harmonious development and win-win strategy of customers, employees, enterprises, customers and society!

Six support:

1. Personnel support: before the opening of the store, the marketing personnel go to the store to assist in site selection evaluation and market research services; during the trial operation period, the provincial director, the chief Chen Lieshi, will give door-to-door guidance for 2-5 days for commodity display and other guidance;

2. Technical support: provide professional shop design, including: plan, layout, renderings, construction drawings, etc.; arrange professional construction supervisors to visit, construction disclosure, construction guidance, decoration cost evaluation, to ensure the efficient and rapid completion of shop decoration;

3. Training support: regular training for opening class, display, sales skills, operation skills, system training, product knowledge, etc. at the headquarters. 

4. System support: free use of store management system FCB and provision of TC online platform training.

5. Program support: in the early stage of opening, the opening instructor and the provincial manager will guide the store's publicity and planning, formulate the promotion plan, implement the promotion personnel and goods, and ensure the success of opening; in the 10-15 days of opening, the regional manager will go to the store for opening acceptance, comprehensively summarize the problems and achievements during the preparation, trial operation and opening, and make the opening summary report.

6. Operation support: after opening, the regional supervisor shall regularly patrol, guide and support the stores to ensure the normal operation of the stores.

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