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Carebabe——Chief partner of Pearl River channel program "I have a date with my mother"

Carebabe was founded in 2016, "care" stands for care, "babe" stands for baby. Since its birth, carebabe has been taking "Care for the healthy growth of babies along the way!" as the concept, cooperating with the Royal Institute of infant growth, adopting innovative scientific research results, relying on strong R & D and comprehensive technical capabilities, to provide scientific, relaxed, elegant and fashionable new experience for parenting life, so as to improve the quality of life of parenting families and let every parent Can experience the fun of baby care and show "heartfelt smile."

At present, carebabe's product system covers 8 categories, including sleep products, travel products, bath products, preschool education toys, cleaning products, maternity products, breastfeeding, clothing, shoes and hats. Since the product is market-oriented, it has been widely praised and loved by all mothers, laying a solid foundation of public praise.

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