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Dongguan Jiabei Baby Products Co., Ltd. is committed to the design and production of the safest and most convenient baby travel and home products. Care for the healthy growth of babies along the way!

David Clark, the chief designer of carebabe products, has won many international awards. Production and operation team, with many years of international brand product manufacturing and quality management experience. Carebabe products fully consider baby's safety, comfort and mother's easy to travel and clean. In design, material selection, production, inspection, packaging and other aspects, it has been pursuing excellence. All products have passed international safety certification, focusing on safety, lightness and convenience, providing consumers with the most intimate products and services.

Dongguan Jiabei Baby Products Co., Ltd. provides the whole production service in the production base of Tianmen, Hubei Province. Undertake OEM, ODM customization needs. We adhere to the customer-centered, honest, pragmatic concept to provide customers with safe, beautiful, practical, cost-effective baby products.

Carebabe——Chief partner of Pearl River channel program "I have a date with my mother"

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